Are UPVC Sash Windows Better?

Are UPVC Sash Windows Better?

What do Sash windows look like?

What Are UPVC Sash Windows?There is a big difference between a casement window type and a sash window design. The first thing to notice is the way that they open.

Sash windows are sliding windows, they don’t open and close from hinges on the frames, they move within tracks built into the frames instead.

Worn out old wood sash windows are very difficult to live with – many might have even had so many coats of paint applied that they are stuck and will no longer even open – which is only marginally better than those that have come loose within the frames and let in the wind and rain.

You may be wondering whether it’s going to be a better option to fit casement windows instead. There could, of course, be situation where this use of an alternate design will be justified or even the only option available to you due to budget (sash cost  more than casement). However, you may want to check out this article first: Casement Windows and Sash Windows, which is better?

UPVC is a type of rigid plastic that is very tough and durable, ideal for manufacturing sash windows as it does not need painting and keeps it shape – making your new sash windows last decades – see a lot more options for replacement windows & doors here: